Our pledge is to provide our customers with the most advanced, high quality products and solutions available.
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The Team
Our professional staff aim to create Customer Value through an extensive product offering, ongoing training and support to our HCP's, which has been apart of our service and after sales service delivery since 1995, and will continue with the high standards you have become accustomed to.


PerryHill International introduces new, leading edge medical technologies into Southern Africa. Mostly these are single use products that are either used in a procedure or implanted into a patient. We select the best performing, highest quality products that are available in each medical segment that we enter. In most cases we are first to market, or we supersede existing products with a more advanced technology.

New technologies normally require significant training of medical personnel to ensure adoption with effective and safe use. We commit a significant amount of resources to training. Some of our products are used by patients after release from the hospital, and we ensure the best product performance and outcomes with dedicated after sales services.

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